Crockpot Ribs

I saw this post and just had to try it. I love the simplicity of the cooking and wow the tenderness of the meat!!

This is the link of the recipe I saw and used.

I had traditional bbq sauce, but this Korean bbq sauce is some good stuff. Next time we do them will be with the traditional bbq sauce since the hubby was only ok and only ok doesn’t bode well with me.

My hubby doesn’t like fat or gristle, crockpot cooking really takes care of the fat and most gristle to where he can enjoy it too. Doing pork ribs on the grill is not done at our house because of that and I love pork ribs!!

I used what I had in my pantry. Brown sugar, Himalayan salt, ground mustard, ground ginger, spicy blend of Ms Dash, garlic powder and a roasted garlic seasoning for the grill.
Threw it all together, amounts that were good for me.
Pre-measured the ribs to my crockpot and had to trim them down.
Put the rub on them, covered overnight.
Put the ribs in the pot, covering each layer with some sauce. Only used one jar, not the 2.
Cooked on low between 8-10 hours.
Took them out to put on a covered baking sheet, to broil. Should have broiled alittle more. The meat that was high up in the crock was tougher, need to move around alittle during the cooking process to help that, I think.

All in all, got t try again with regular bbq sauce and do the tweaks.

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