Hi!  My name is Christina.
I am a 40-something mom of 2 teens (a boy, 17 and a girl, 15).  Kinda different teens, but what is normal now-days, right?  But my kids, they do not use the phones that I got them…so yea that in itself is weird!  To call me they face time me….irritating when I’m out in Walmart or where ever I may be….  But I digress.
I am happily remarried to a wonderful man, just recently celebrated our 6 year anniversary in November, and January we will have been together 10 years.
Besides the 2 teens, we also have a zoo (some may say)….we have 8 animals.  1 cats (Bruce), 3 ferrets (Loki, Nutmeg and Willow), 2 leopard geckos (Daisy and Cheddar) and 2 bearded dragons (Alex and Sage).
So, this should get us started………

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