Yesterday was a day of working and I actually got some sales! YAY me!! I am not a sales person. Wait, what?! I do sales via the phone (we will keep it at that for now). And I sell DōTERRA oils, I sell items I make using my oils, I sell items I make….knit/crochet, wreaths, etc. Ok truth be told, I try to sell my items. The items I have sold have been raved about and….then a big fat nothing!! WTH?!?? Is there something wrong with me or uhm what?


Melt down….

I hurt in all my joints today and as the day to night has progressed it has gotten worse. It has made doing things even more difficult. Crocheting while watching tv, yeah was very painful, more than usual.

So I had a major breakdown tonight…tears and everything.

And it was all over a damn knot! I was trying to tie a knot and my hands were so numb and hurting, That even though I could see what I was doing, I couldn’t feel a thing other than pain. Like now as I type. Ugh!

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At home…work at home mom

So, today…. I don’t have any hours for work, granted I could have probably picked some up, maybe will be able to get some this afternoon. This is one of the good vs bad things about working from home.

I decided today was to work on things I needed to do for the house and for myself. One of those things for the house, is prepare some items for dinners. We are going to have turkey tacos, so I’m making beans of my own to make a type of refried beans they already smell delicious!!

These are all the beans I used, along with seasoning, salt and pepper. I did use red bell pepper, mushrooms, and onions, all diced fine.

I then did my duties as a stay-at-home wife/mom and cleaned/rearranged our pantry, since it was in such a disarray I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Lol

Now, onto some tv and crocheting my daughter’s blanket. I need to finish this sometime soon, I started this before we moved and put it down to do some other projects still not finished. I am a slow knitter/crocheter but I can say my items are nice.


Here goes….

Here goes…. I am a pretty eclectic person.  With collecting and with doing things.  I told the hubby I was going to start a blog, and he was like ‘ok, about what?’.  I started, you know stuff I do, stuff I know, stuff I make, stuff I go thru….. my life in general.  This was on the drive back home yesterday from his parents house, not too far from ours now for Thanksgiving.  I just adore my hubby, he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded and was like ‘go for it hun’.   So here I am!

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Things I do

I have my fair share of hobbies, along with selling essential oils, making items from them (lip balms, neosporin, body butter, etc.), and making all sorts of handmade items that I knit and crochet as well as bows, wreaths, etc.