Pasta salad my way…

I decided tomorrow for lunch I want pasta salad. Ive been having wraps alot lately.

Remaining for tonight, the rest went into the pasta.
1 bell pepper, half for the pasta, rest for lizards!
Peas, some for me tonight (weirdos I live with don’t like them) and the rest for the pasta.
Pasta and veggies mixed with….
Just enough to coat and some for taste.

The pasta and veggies, excluding the bell pepper, are warm with the dressing.

I will add alittle more dressing and put in containers to store in the fridge overnight. Will bring some extra dressing to add at lunch tomorrow.

Was gonna add steak that we were having, but we obviously were hungry and I made some really yummy food. 😂

The pasta is lacking in protein, but it will be yummy all the same!

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