Pecan Bars

Ok, so after watching one of my favorite cooking shows on FoodTv, Pioneer woman. She made mini pecan pies. I tried to make my own crust, truthfully I forget who’s I used. So, after baking the crust and then adding the the insides and baking what seemed for forever, it was burned. I was so upset, I have tried off and on for years to make different recipes and none have come out.

I tried once more….

I have successfully made Barefoot Contessa’s shortbread recipe…. so I made it, adding finely chopped pecans. (Forgot to take a pic of it). I then YouTube making pecan bars and found a recipe, cross your fingers. She gave some tips on how to keep from having a major issue I always have!

Pictured below is the bowl of chopped pecans, a bowl of the sugars, butter, and vanilla…. and a bowl of eggs (scrambled).

Shortbread baked, added pecans, then the combined sugars and eggs solution.

Done, cooled and cut.

Trying to get the first bar out, I almost cried. I used the wrong spatula… hubby helped and we got ours out. We tried a bite, alittle crispy-candy like, got stuck in teeth. Nuked in microwave for 30 seconds….made the inside like lava, but better. Not the best I have tasted, but not bad.

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