It has been awhile…. been busy…

Its been awhile since I have posted, so this is going to be lengthy

… this pandemic has made some serious changes at my work. I work in a lab…has its ups and downs with busyness…

We got slower when people weren’t going to the doctors as much, so much so that they furloughed some and cut hours to others (yeap me). Then the explosion of testing, has been making so much work and even now our hours are still not back to 40 in over half the departments and we barely are getting furloughs lifted.

I have atleast an hour sometimes hour and a half drive to and from work. (It is longer in the afternoons at times). Because this cooking can be tiresome, but with less money and I don’t need to have anymore exposure than I do get, I cook most days. And my husband works longer daily hours than I.

So here are some things that I took pics of to share.


Tostadas are delicious, easy and can be nutritious depending on what goes on it. mine had refried beans, taco seasoned ground beef, mexican cheese, avocado, tomato and sour cream. Hubby had his variation of veggies, he doesn’t do cheese or cream.

Parma Rosa Chicken

I make this from scratch since I can’t get the packets like I used to. I roast plum tomatoes an onions with olive oil and spices. When cooled, I blend it all. Last time I had chicken quarters which I roasted, then shredded up. I usually use breasts and chunk them up and sauté up before adding the sauce. I serve over rice or orzo. Even my picky eater loves it!

Steak and papas

Hubby grilled steak, I made broccoli, sautéed honey carrots and pan fried papas (potatoes).

Gnocchi with mushrooms and peas.

Gnocchi (boiled), mushrooms browned in butter, with peas.

Baby Yoda

Crocheted up a baby yoda.


Spent a whole weekend making these babies. Pressure cooked up the pork, made the sauce. Then hours assembling them, while watching my daughters graduation on the net. They weren’t my best, but I loosely followed my usual recipe I found in YouTube. Here is the link if you’d like. Tamales

Bbq ribs, potato salad, baked beans

Brauts and fixins

Grilled brauts, waffle fries, baked beans and potato salad. The other container is mayo, I eat my fries with mayo not ketchup… I am of German descent and born there.

Fried Rice

Leftover rice with stew meat and veggies… it was yummy!

Cubed steak, mushroom gravy, mash, broccoli and brussells

Fried up cubed steaks, covered in mushroom cream gravy. With veggies to go with.

Chicken stove top bake

Chicken breasts covered in cream sauce (cream of mushroom, cream of chicken and sour cream mixture) then topped with stove top stuffing.

Salmon and veggies

Baked salmon, teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper. Rainbow carrots, green beans and rice accompanying.

Tortas (chicken) and spanish rice

Had some chicken leftover and gotten some bollios which were begging to be tortas. Had to make spanish rice to with, hubby’s mom’s recipe.

Nacho 🍟 fries

Next day was still craving nachos but had potato wedges that had to be topped! Hubby made frito burritos for himself.


I was craving them badly. Talked (easily) hubby into wanting these one Friday night.

Amish macaroni salad

Been craving amish pasta salad, this tasted different than the store type, but was very tasty.

Veggie pasta

Threw together some cooked and uncooked veggies with pasta for some lunches.

Pork tacos

Pressure cooked some pork roast, threw together some simple tacos. Absolutely delicious!

Sausage and potatoes

I wanted something simple, pan fried potatoes with sausage, onions and carrots.


Pressure cooker goulash with garlic toast.

Bbq pork steak and fixins’

Pork steaks (boneless) bbq’d on the grilled with rice, green beans and brussell spouts.

Bruce likes my cooking too, 😝

My daughter’s cat, Bruce Banner (the scaredy cat), helped himself to my second helping of chicken and rice. I had gotten it and then decided against it. I do not allow our babies people food or just going in plates, but this was a one time occasion. He does know better.

And lastly some of our other furry babies.

Cuteness our 2 oldest, Willow (paws up and smallest of the 4) and Loki our old man of the group.
More cuteness Odie (Odysseus is the boy on the bottom) and Iris (is little miss mouse on the bottom). We adopted these 2 alittle ove a year ago, and they have added su much love and happiness to our group!

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