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Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Ok so here is the link to the recipe I used, and will continue to use from now on! This batch was great!!

**I did omit cinnamon, I don’t ever add it to my banana bread and I couldn’t find it in my spices. **

My kids are fiends about banana bread to, can’t keep their paws off it! One loaf already is gone…2nd will be gone for breakfast! 😁


Aww man, Really?!?!

Wow, sometimes my life sucks!! Ok, so my cat (yes I said my cat), Sam….AKA fat cat, Gordo Gato…. has a habit of lying on my flip flops and even drooling on them while there. Even a few times has thrown up on my flip flops.

But OMG!! Not saying it was him, it could have been my daughter’s cat, but I found a puddle of liquid next to my sneakers this afternoon! Then I picked one up and it was wet…even inside! I wanted to yell and cry. How gross!! If I just had put them back in my room, so I am pouting as I think about washing them tomorrow in the washer.



As usual Starbucks to the rescue!! I had to go get lab work done and of course fast beforehand….

I absolutely love Starbucks as it is, but wow now yum another flavor I love!! Gingerbread latte and to top it off the gingerbread bread…in has chunks of ginger in it! Heaven!!! Just what I needed when I had some traffic stress and hunger stress! Lol



Yesterday was a day of working and I actually got some sales! YAY me!! I am not a sales person. Wait, what?! I do sales via the phone (we will keep it at that for now). And I sell DōTERRA oils, I sell items I make using my oils, I sell items I make….knit/crochet, wreaths, etc. Ok truth be told, I try to sell my items. The items I have sold have been raved about and….then a big fat nothing!! WTH?!?? Is there something wrong with me or uhm what?


Here goes….

Here goes…. I am a pretty eclectic person.  With collecting and with doing things.  I told the hubby I was going to start a blog, and he was like ‘ok, about what?’.  I started, you know stuff I do, stuff I know, stuff I make, stuff I go thru….. my life in general.  This was on the drive back home yesterday from his parents house, not too far from ours now for Thanksgiving.  I just adore my hubby, he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded and was like ‘go for it hun’.   So here I am!