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Daughters Afghan

My daughters afghan is finally finished! It seemed to take forever to tuck the ends and snip them. If found a few places where there were squares not fully connected, so I had to remedy that and one somehow began to unravel, so that was fixed as well.

My daughter proudly put it on her 🛏 bed, we discussed that I put the squares the same way and of course she found the one I didn’t fix after affixing it wrong. She told me that was the uniqueness about it. That was sweet but it bugs me. Lol

This is my daughters way of modeling with the blanket. 😂 ðŸĪĶ🏞‍♀ïļ teens *shrugs*

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Some progress…

Apparently my ADD is really having a go on me…hoping once my meds are back in full that I will more productive.

I have been working with this beautiful soft yarn and now have picked this pattern for a cowl.


I am hoping that I will have it done along with a few other things for Christmas presents. ðŸĪŠ

Crafting · Crocheting · Hobbies · yarn

Not productive

Do you ever have those days? I did yesterday…. Hubby and I decided to watch movies and craft all day.

(Pictures here are fingerless gloves I made a few years ago with bamboo yarn.)

I wanted to crochet some fingerless gloves. Well my hands were not cooperating, they go numb then hurt. I think I went through 8 patterns, either coming to points I didn’t like, didn’t understand, etc. and I ended up ripping the yarn, with my hands hurting and aggravated. Needless to say I crocheted all day, but was not productive at all. 🙄