My main meals for today

I ate unplanned yesterday and ate and ate… and ate, way out of control.

Starting with breakfast is my cream of wheat with honey, pecans and banana.

Lunch being something I threw together yesterday, which I enjoyed some. I put avocado oil and sesame oil in a pan, brought to heat on medium heat. Added 🥕 carrots (cut into thin coins) 🧅 onion (chopped into large chunks), cabbage (about half a head, chopped into bite sized chunks). Sautéed until starting to brown, added in some chicken bone broth (homemade), some spices including salt 🧂 & pepper. Added in chicken 🍗 thighs, cut into small pieces and continued to stir and cook. Added, what I had left of, bbq sauce.

And my snack…. Soft boiled 🥚eggs, grape tomatoes 🍅 (cut into 4’s, since they were larger) and topped with vidalia onion 🧅 dressing. Need to 🧂 salt & pepper before eating.

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