2022… And now 💨 poof its 2023!

Hiya! Yeap I’m still here! Just been busy, sick, tired, stressed…. Alot of stuff!!

In late November of 2021 I had carpal tunnel surgery then the next day I had sinus surgery. My hands were no longer numb right after the anesthesia and blocker wore off!! Sinus surgery went well, fixed my deviated septum which made breathing so much easier! Sinus infections were lower but still getting a significant amount.

2022 was pretty crappy, due to my employment, but in January we closed on our house; right after my birthday! My job was the bane of my existence!! Not only the the drive alone was enough to endure but being treated as badly as one can as an adult…. My anxiety, depression and PTSD went thru so much that I had to seek out meds. But even with them I was going thru so much desperation with that job. I was thinking of quitting and not having a backup and I don’t do that. Thanks to them I got covid (I actually think I got it in February 2020 right before shut down and before the testing was set up) in February 2022, which was very bad for me and my chronic diseases. And ontop of being sick, unlike the others with very mild symptoms, kept harassing me each day numerous times a day. All I wanted to do is sleep or die. (Not really die, just wanted my pain and agony to stop).

Sometime soon after that, I read something that good things were to come to me in July. It was so right! I had been talking to an employment agency and they found me a great job! Which is at home, and they told me early July!!! I started August 1st. And Im loving being respected, talked to not down to; Im actually having to reprogram myself not to expect to be condescended!!

Sassy keeping me company, shredding my work chair. Her fur is so thin due to her allergies.

2023 is doing ok so far, aside new and unwanted health issues. Looking like I will be going to doctor alot!! Cheers to better health!!

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