A New Year, hopefully better.

Happy New Year…. Hope everyone has a better year than the past. 2021 was not that hood of a year for me and mine, but ended going into 2022 on a great note!!

The start of the year I moved positions at my place of work. It was good, same supervisor which wasn’t ideal. Mid year I moved to another position, still under the higher supervisor but different department…. The job itself I enjoy, the micromanaging I do not.

We adopted 2 more ferrets, bringing our total to 6. Now we have 2 cats, 6 ferrets and 3 lizards. One of the new boys has issues, have finally gotten under control, he will be in 2x’s daily meds but he is happy and healthy… as healthy as ferrets can be here.

Somewhere in between our neighbors apparently pissed someone off and caused a few drivebys. We live on one corner and share backyards with them and they are on another corner. The person that droveby drove up to their house and shot at 2 or 3 different times, different days. The last time they drove in front of our other neighbors house and shot down the road towards the backyard neighbors, one bullet ricocheted off the road. It went up our driveway, which is very steep, under my hubby’s car, through the garage door, through a laundry basket, some lunch boxes, through the wall into the chest of drawers in our room. If the chest had not been there it would have hit us/bed. We heard it, but didn’t find it until hubby went to put his clothes away and the bullet fell out of the drawer. We found the bullet casings in the street. The police in our area are useless, the detective have not followed back with me as I was assured.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, nice. Then my surgeries, which I am doing well. My hand surgeon says full recovery is about 6 months so I have awhile, but doing good. Just went to my sinus surgery post-op was new years eve and she is saying Im doing well. I should be recovering my smell and taste soon, it was not totally lost, but with the constant sinus infections effecting them for so many years I am not as confident. I am just hoping since I have less than before the surgery that I will regain something.

After the shootings we have been looking for a house to buy sooner than we were expecting. Our hopes got dashed alot with the market has been going. Since we live so close to Austin where it has become a hotspot for migration, its made it that much more harder. I posed the question to our now 3rd realtor, about a new build. And we lucked out! Our realtor is absolutely freaking awesome and came through! We were in like a lottery for a house, 1st to respond got dibs and thanks to her we got it. We were under contract in no time. We thought we wouldn’t close until March and not even a week under contract, we get a call about closing January 26th!! I am sad that I have not and will not be healed enough to help with lifting and moving, but I am so excited to have our own home! We love it, while small, we are happy. We have so many plans to do things, but that will be many projects for time to come… got to save money since we are spending all our cash.

After closing I will be looking for a new job. The drive alone (and hour to work and can be 2 coming home due to traffic) is not only annoying but very tiring. The micromanaging and other issues have just made me very uncomfortable, mad, emotional, etc., apparently my time there is done.

I have started going to a doctor, prior to Christmas, to help with weight loss. I have to get skinny to make myself happy and of course healthy. I am having hood luck, not as drastic as it could but I cannot just restrict myself so drastically as they are telling me. After one week, I have lost 3 lbs and not having as much issue waking. Staying awake is another issue, but some tweaks here and there we will get it.

I am crocheting and knitting still, working on a few things so that I can do some crazy and cute things.

Happy New Year!!

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