My Deviled Eggs

All finished, even as imperfect as they are, that doesn’t matter in taste!

I boiled eggs, tried the whole baking soda and cool water…. warm water got me a almost unblemished egg, cold did not.

Split in half and yolk in another bowl.
Mash the yolks, salt and pepper, then mix.
Mayo of your choice, I prefer the taste of both yellow mustard and ground. I prefer sweet relish, I somehow had did pickle slices in my fridge, my son was the only one who liked dill and he moved out almost 2 years ago! I diced the pickles well.
Mixed in the mayo and mustards.
Added the chopped pickles and well done bacon that is chopped. I personally don’t eat well done bacon by the slice, but is does soften in the mix.
Mix well.
Even the tipped whites are delicious. I spoon each egg with the mix, don’t want to loose anymore by using a piping bag or what not.

If you choose to use my recipe I hope you enjoy!!

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