So, lately Ive been compiling a list of my ailments/diseases and boy it’s alot. I will share:

Allergies, eczema, asthma (allergy and activity induced), chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, (because of these alone I have had pneumonia twice and now have to have the pneumonia shot), migraines (environmental and stress induced), arthritis (I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis in my knees when I was 13, my lower back has that and problems with discs diagnosed 2018, and my hands finally diagnosed with that and osteoarthritis and severe carpal tunnel), diverticulitis and fatty liver disease (FLD).

My grandmother had diverticulitis, so bad she was going to have part of her colon taken…. they found cancer of her pancreas and she died a few months later. My father, her son, has a very mild case. I ended up going through a roller coaster of hell for about a week before being hospitalized the first time I had my first bout.

With diverticulitis they tell you to eat a low fiber, but with FLD they tell you eat high fiber. So I was looking into a ‘lifestyle change’, not diet, so that I can get off this constant incline of weight. Ever since my diverticulitis diagnosis I’ve gained weight. Looking for ideas, I found a study for help to reduce or help with FLD, I am in the midst if getting into the study. Alot of different tests, MRI and a biopsy…. not looking forward to that!

I had my MRI, used some fancy words just to say my liver is enlarged. And now had the biopsy on Friday, yes it hurt but the sedation helped alot!

I won’t hear anything about the biopsy for about 2 weeks. I confident that I will get into the study, but I have to be hesitant at the same time. I can hardly wait to start this journey.

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