Short ribs and orzo

In my multipot, I put on sauté, add some olive oil and brown the short ribs in batches.

If not done in batches, they will steam instead not brown.

Keep all oil and fat that remains, add chopped onion and carrots and 2-3 tablespoons; keep it moving and scraping the meat bits to add flavor. When halfway softened, add mushrooms and move while browning. Usually done when the sauté feature turns off.

Re-add short ribs to pot, adding the korean bbq sauce. If you use the amount of ribs I did, make sure you get then into the veggies and pressure cook for 40-50 minutes. Let the steam self release while making rice or orzo, I didn’t have rice so used the orzo (and I thing the orzo was a better choice since is absorbed the liquid well even for the leftovers). Took out the meat, added the orzo and then deboned the meat, chopped it and put back in the pot, mixes well and served.

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