2020, Happy New Year!

It is 2020, I hope all are having a happy new year!!๐ŸŽ†

2019 was not the greatest of years, I think I learned my lessons… I so hope I did!

I learned from the previous year that it is impossible to eat like the doctors suggested for diverticulitis…. it it so contradicting its stupid! I need to eat healthily and for me.

I learned I have alot to do to get healthy… I am far from it but with the new year has shed some more light on the path where I need to follow. It will take some time, but I didn’t get this way overnight!

I learned that I did not have the job I wanted, went to a ‘too good to be true’ job….. boy oi yoi was it ever! And then found what I think is going to be the last place I have a job in my life! I know its early but within the first month you find alot out and the people and environment is nice here!!

I learned that no matter what you do, you aren’t going to be the best parent ever. I brought up my kids the same, they sure as hell did not come out the same, nor did I want them to but I wanted them to come up with their own ideas, to strive for more and be able to go on their own when out and about. My son went directly to his dad’s to have him hold his hand since I was try to get him to be independent…. he became alot like his dad. ๐Ÿ˜ž. I had to let go and let him evolve as much as it hurts and I want to help, he needs to learn how to walk, fall and get up again. I don’t think his dad is going to help with that, but time will tell. My daughter on the other hand…she will talk to her dad but a year or two ago decided she didn’t want to visit and she has been evolving. She is more independent each day and she is definitely more helpful (unfortunately I had to ‘force’ my son to be helpful….didn’t encourage any will from him to be sadly).

I am learning that I need to be me, honest, patient, humble…. try my best to look at things optimistic and be happier. No new years resolutions….just a change to make one self better.

Whatever you decided to do this year, just do your best. You can’t change in a day or two, remember you didn’t do it that quick so you won’t do it again quick.

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