Social norms… ponderment

So on my way to work the other day, on the radio they were discussing how much time should you wait until you ‘like’ a comment or someone’s photos on Facebook and even said something to the effect of there is a time limit even.

Ok, wait a minute!? There is a time to do this and even a limit!?!?? So really I like these things on my time not others, if it happens while Im looking and I like it I’m going to ‘like’ it. If I don’t happen to see it at first and later, I’m going to ‘like’ it then. And if I happen to come across someone new and check out the photos that were posted in the past, I will ‘like’ them then.

Since when is there policing of when something posted for attention has a time or time limit on when to ‘like’ it? Yea I’m gonna ‘like’ things at my convenience not anyone else’s!

What do you think? Do you think there are these ‘understood’ time frames?

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